The following are some awareness events celebrated in September. You can use the Wokingham Borough Observatory to explore relevant local data.

4-10 September 2023: Know Your Numbers Week – This event encourages adults to know their blood pressure numbers and take action to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Take a look at our Adult and Social Care report and various documents on the Needs Assessments and Further Resources page, which examines how we can support our residents in changing behaviours and addressing risk factors related to high blood pressure, such as eating healthily, maintaining a healthy weight, increasing physical activity, and lowering alcohol consumption.

September: World Alzheimer’s Month and 10 September 2023: World Suicide Prevention Day – Wokingham Borough’s Mental Health Needs Assessment 2022, available on the Needs Assessments and Further Resources page, has dedicated chapters examining dementia and suicide in our local population respectively.

22 September 2023: World Car Free Day – This is a day for communities to consider ways to travel without using your car, which brings about numerous benefits for the environment and for your health. Use the Environment report to consider data and information on car travel and air pollution in the borough. On the Data Explorer, search for “Car or Van Availability” to look at data on vehicle ownership in Wokingham Borough as recorded in the Census 2021.

24-25 September 2023: Yom Kippur – This is considered the most important holiday in the Jewish faith, being a time for solemn reflection. Look at the “religion” section of the Population & Demographics report for information on the Jewish population in the Borough.